Proposed Zoning

Attached is the current copy of the proposed, advertised, pending zoning ordinance Ordinance Booklet (1)

Click here to view the proposed zoning map BennerZoning_March_2019 (1)

Proposed re-insertion of the Spring Creek Canyon Overlay District Ordinance Section:  SCC Overlay Ordinance (2)

Proposed Environmental Section to be added back into the Zoning Ordinance:  Chapter 5 Benner Zoning


The Township has received the following comment letters to date:

Centre County Planning Commission

Ed Dunkelberger

Thomas Eby

Pleasant Valley Aviation, Inc.

Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Scott Brumbaugh

Paul Kurtz

Nate Campbell

Andrea Murrell

Spring Township

Barley Snyder – Attorneys at Law

Patton Twp 31419 Comments

CCPC 31919 comments

Spring Township 32119 comments

David Roberts Comments

Bellefonte Borough 31919 comments

ClearWater Conservancy 32819 letter

Spring Creek Watershed Commission 4119 email

4.1.19 Dorothy Blair Comments

Richard Dixon 4219 email