Benner Township is one of over 1400 townships of the Second Class. The township is governed by the Second Class Township Code and the Municipal Planning Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and may exercise the rights granted in these two laws.

    The Township organization is comprised of elected officials, boards and commissions, appointed positions and employees as shown in the following listing. Click on the underlined titles for more information.

Elected Officials

Board of Supervisors

    Thomas Moyer,   11/1/20 – 12/31/2021

    Larry Lingle – 2020 – 2025

    Randy Moyer,   2016 – 2021

Tax Collector:

  Jessica Bradley – 152 Willow Bend Drive, Bellefonte, PA  16823  (814)574-5087   email:

    Centre Tax Agency – appointed (Earned Income Tax, Occupational Privilege)   Phone:  234-7120

Boards, Authorities and Commissions

Planning Commission

    Lee Copper   Term expires 12/31/23

    Willis Houser    Term expires 12/31/22

    Randy Moyer      Term expires 12/31/22

     Judson Mantz      Term expires 12/31/22

    Lynn Chaplin        Term expires 12/31/23

     Rick Weaver      Term expires 12/31/23

     Jim Lanning       Term expires  12/31/23

   Zoning Hearing Board

    Vacancy    12/31/22

    Ian Henderson    Term expires 12/31/21

    Ed Galus   Term expires 12/31/23

Benner Township Water Authority

     Tim Edkin       term expires 12/31/23

    Jim Lanning:    term expires 12/31/22

    Andrew Swales   term expires 12/31/24

    Jerrold May    term expires 12/31/21

    Tom Eby    term expires  12/31/25

Spring-Benner-Walker Joint Authority

    Dan Hoffman, Benner Township Appointee   12/31/2021

    Willis Houser, Benner Township Appointee  12/31/2025

    Brian Book, Benner Township Appointee   12/31/2023

Appointed Officials and Staff


    Sharon Royer

Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer

Mike Lesniak (814) 355-1448

Parks and Recreation

Sewage Enforcement Officer

    Laron Horner (814)422-7688

Septic Management Program Administrator

   Pamela Winter – P.O. Box 117, Millheim, PA  16854        (814)470-0606

Emergency Management Coordinator

    Jayson Lose


    Rodney Beard


    Don Franson

Road/Maintenance Crew

    Dennis O’Leary, Public Works Superintendent

    Tom Moyer

    John Dutton

    Kolyn Mellot