Nittany Valley Comprehensive Plan

(added 3/23/03 revised 3/8/06)

    Benner Township along with Spring, Marion and Walker Townships and the Borough of Bellefonte have joined together and created the Nittany Valley Joint Planning Commission. The purpose of this commission was to provide the mechanism for these municipalities to develop a regional comprehensive plan and be eligible for State grant money to assist in the cost of the plan.

    Municipalities are required to periodically update their comprehensive plans. In the recent past, the State revised the Municipalities Planning Code to permit adjoining municipalities to develop a single comprehensive plan. This change includes new provisions giving municipalities the right to provide land uses in areas which make the most sense, instead of requiring each municipality to provide for each use.

 Greenways Study(added 1/25/01, revised 3/23/03)

     The Nittany and Bald Eagle Greenways Study was completed and accepted by the Centre Commissioners earlier this year after public meetings held in December, 2002. The area area of study included the Spring Creek watershed area and down to and including the lower Bald Eagle Creek, ending at Sayers Dam. The study identifies possible linkages to existing parks and points of interest throughout the study area by means of greenways, bikeways and walking trails. This study will assist us in determining potential bikeways and walkways, as well as, developing an acquisition strategy to create a greenway corridor.

    The Greenways Study has identified numerous existing points of interest, and recreation, historic, scenic, and cultural sites. There are many such locations that form chains of activities throughout Benner Township. For more information, go to the County’s Planning website.