Benner Township Water Authority

The Benner Township Water Authority has recently launched their own website.  We encourage you to visit their site at


Tom Eby             12/31/2025

Andrew Swales    12/31/2024

Tim Edkin     12/31/2028

James Lanning   12/31/2027

Jerrold May       12/31/2026

The Township Water Authority meets to conduct business on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the meeting room of the Township Building.   All meetings of the Water Authority are open to the public.

Important Water Authority Documents

  Rules and Regulations Governing Water Service 2/19/08

  Material & Installation Specifications for “PUBLIC” Water Main, Service Connection & Fire Hydrant Specification for Contractor Installation 2/19/08

   Material & Installation Specifications for PRIVATE Distribution Lines, Service Lines & Fire Hydrants 2/19/08

   Specification Diagrams 

   Owner/Developer Responsibilities

  Agreement for Transferring Water Mains