Brush and Leaf Collection

Click here to watch an informative video on how to prepare your brush and leaves for collection.   Brush and Leaf Collection Video


Benner Township collects brush in the spring and in the fall using a call in system.  Please refer to your Crossroads Newsletter for dates and instructions.

Our fall collection appointments are now being scheduled.  Please call 355-1419 no later than October 6th for your brush collection appointment.   Please consult your fall edition of “CrossRoads” for instructions.


Benner Township collects leaves in the fall by appointment only.  You will also need to call the Township Office at 355-1419 no later than  November 3rd to get on the pick up list.    Generally two weeks are established.   We will asked that depending on which week you choose that your leaves be out that Monday morning.  Again depending on how many places are on the list it may be a few days until they make it to your location.  If you have leaves, please call to get on the list.  We try to structure the collection programs to be as efficient as possible to save fuel and man hours.