Rockview Land Divestment News

As you may be aware, the State Legislature passed, and Governor Rendell signed, legislation to transfer 1800 acres of Rockview State Correctional Institute land.  The legislation provides for ownership to be divided among The Pennsylvania Game Commission, The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Benner Township and The Pennsylvania State University. Rockview SCI will retain some small portions that support the prison’s daily operations. As part of the legislation, an oversight board was established to review each owner’s proposed development activities and to seek public input as appropriate for those plans not related to the owner’s daily operational needs.

As of December 3, 2011, the land transfers have not been recorded. In the interim, Governor Corbett named the Game Commission as caretaker for all the lands. The lands were opened to the general public for the first time in 80+ years on September 30, 2011.

Spring Creek Canyon Overlay Ordinance

An outcome of the Spring Creek Canyon Study was a recommendation to enact an overlay zoning area to add more protection on the divested 1800 acres of Rockview land than what exists in the underlying zoning districts. The ordinance considers sensitive areas that should not be disturbed, limits allowable built development, and limits the allowable types of development. Other upstream lands were identified that were deemed important in their direct contribution to the health of Spring Creek and the ecology contained within were also added to a secondary zone. See the ordinance and overlay map.

Spring Creek Canyon Conservation Strategy Plan

The Supervisors approved the final draft of the Canyon Study as prepared by Environmental Planning and Design of Pittsburgh. The document is identified as a final draft pending final publishing by the consultant. No further changes were made to the document. The document is provided in .pdf format and is comprised of the following sections:

Spring Creek Canyon Executive Summary

Spring Creek Canyon Conservation Strategy


A: Meeting Discussions

B: Key Person Interview Summary

C: 11/20/08 Meeting Attendee Questionnaire Summary and 3/31/09 Meeting Comments and Public Review Draft Feedback

D: Prior Plans and Studies

E1: Conservation Values of the Rockview Divestment Lands

E2: Clearwater Conservancy Analysis Maps

E3: TAC Cultural Resource Issues/Opportunities

F: Capacity Analysis Report

G: Capacity Analysis Report 2

H: Selected Financing Resources

I: Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance Projects

Background History

       Historical information regarding the Canyon divestment can be accessed by clicking here.

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