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Supplemental Zoning and Permit Information

Starting on January 3, 2022, the Benner Township Supervisors have appointed Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency as well as  Keystone Inspection Agency  as options for residents to choose to handling their Uniform Construction Code inspections.  Forms for all agencies are located below.  Permits will continue to be dropped off at the Township office for processing.

*Residential Building & Zoning Permit Applications

        Frequently Asked Questions.

     Benner Twp Zoning Application (1)

      Keystone Inspection Agency 2020 revised forms

Office number is (814) 359-3333

     Penns Valley Code Permit Form

                               Michael Lesniak (814) 349-8177

     Building Permit Frequently Asked Questions.

*Swimming pool, hot tub and spa guidelines.

*Fencing installation/permit requirements

*Home Occupation Permit Application

*Rural Occupation Permit Application

*Conditional Use Application Form

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